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Farewell and best of luck.
A regular (or irregular, but that's my own fault; too much cheese)


I knew this was coming and while I'm sad about it, I understand. I don't know you (or your real name), but thankfully found your wonderful blog from Freedom Monkey House. I have enjoyed reading it and I wish you the best of luck with all the good things coming your way.



You've been a breath of fresh vodka-infused air. Best of luck personally and professionally.

I don't do MySpace anymore but I do Facebook in case you ever go that route.

Peace out and happiness always.

Kath :-)


i thought i remembered your name but don't see an IMDB page by the name i thought. BLAST! best of luck. don't look back. just go....


Four years of my life wasted. You have abandoned me... just like my parents.


Still drunk. Read this months ago ... thought it was all a dream that would reveal itself in September. Fucker. Now I have to actually call you. Oh, the humanity.


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